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Translation Services

We provide translator services for Bahasa Indonesia into a foreign language and vice versa.


Sworn translator services include: Bahasa Indonesia, English, Dutch, Deutsch (Germany), Arabian, Japan, Mandarin, and French Language.


This service is conducted through a partnership. We have a partnership with a few translators, both sworn translators and regular translators.


FAQs about translators:

  • What are the differences between the sworn translators with those who are not/regular translators ?
    1. The difference is on the legality of the translated document.
    2. The translation result of a sworn translator has a stamp and signature of the translator, while the regular translator does not have it.
    3. Sworn translators usually have registered their signatories or stamps to embassies in Jakarta to ease the officers validating their translations through these stamp or signatories. This will ease the user of the service.

  • How far is the quality difference between both sworn translators to regular translators ?

The quality of translation of sworn translators is not always better than the regulars. The difference is basically on the legality of their translation. There are a lot of regular translators having good quality to translate but did not register themselves to be a sworn translator.

  • What does it mean to be a sworn translator ?

Sworn translators are those who have graduated from sworn translator qualifications exam. They are the translators who got A as their score (the score is 80 or above). These translators will do an oath before a governor and are given a decree as a sworn translator. Through this decree they can officially work as sworn translators.

  • What are the documents translated by sworn translators ?
    • Sworn translators have specialized documents to work on which are legal documents. The sworn translators translate these documents based on their original script. The result of their translation is legally acknowledged. This acknowledgement is also because their translation is not deviating for its original script.
    • These documents are: Graduation Certificate, Transcripts, students’ Report Card, Study Report, Certificate of National Examination Result, Birth Certificate, Divorce Certificate, Company Establishment Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Marriage Book, Marriage Statement, Certificate of Unmarried, Health Status Statement, Medical Certificate, Certificates, Court Letter, Verdict Letter, Agreement Letter, Contract Letter, Family Identity Card, Citizenship Identity Card, SKCK (Surat Keterangan Catatan Kepolisian – Police Certificate), Passport and so forth.
    • These documents are usually translated for business or another behalf overseas, for instance: abroad scholarship education, working, immigration, or businesses with foreigners.

  •  What are the documents translated by regular translators ?

Documents to translate by regular translators are usually common readings or academic text, such as: abstract, article, international journal, publications, thesis, papers, dissertations, thesis summary, e-book, books, and so forth.

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