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Our company also provides the placement of human resources/employees and/or conducting a staff recruitment process for your company. We do the selection through a comprehensible method, which in result will provide your company with qualified and dedicated employees.

We provide the employees/staff who will meet the needs of your company. We are able to do this hiring process for the following positions:

  1. Accounting Staff
  2. Taxation Staff
  3. Administration Staff
  4. Financial Staff
  5. Logistic Staff
  6. HRD Staff
  7. Marketing Staff
  8. Digital Marketing Staff

 Following we have summarized the FAQs about outsourcing:

  • What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing is a corporation that provides labor services which includes the needed position that will be placed to a hiring company.

  • What is outsourcing employee?

Outsourcing employee is a contract employee who is assigned by a trusted outsourcing corporation.

  • What are the benefits of using outsourcing service?

By using this service, the company will not need to concern on providing facilities as well as meal allowances, up to the health insurance/BPJS (Indonesian health insurance for employees). This is because the outsourcing corporation will be accountable for these employees. Through the role of outsourcing corporation, then the company will be eased and more efficient in managing their business.

  • How does the outsourcing system work?

In recruiting the employees, the system used in outsourcing corporation itself is not that different to any recruitment system in general. The difference is that the outsourcing employees are recruited by outsourcing corporation, and not directly recruited by the needed company. Then, the corporation will assign these employees into another company (called as a client) that needs them. In this working system, the outsourcing corporation does paying the wage beforehand for the employees. After that, they will require for the fee from the company that uses their service. In general, the outsourcing employees work based on a contract with the outsourcing corporation, not with the company that uses their services.

  • How to interfere the problem among outsourcing employees?

Issues regarding outsourcing employees are quite various, for instance violating company rules, or disputes among them and another employee. According to Article 66 section 2 letter c, Law No. 13 year 2003, the intervention of any occurrence dispute is imposed to the outsourcing corporation. Therefore, even though the violation of the rule(s) occurs in the company where they currently work at, the accountability party to interfere this conflict is the outsourcing corporation. The company that is using their service has no authority to interfere the disputes happening, because there is no legal agreement of work between these two parties (the company with the outsourcing employees), even though the violated rule(s) is/are issued by the company that uses their services (user).

  • What is/are the role(s) of outsourcing?

To face the businesses competition that is continually growing, every company is competing to apply new strategies and techniques to win the competition. One of the most popular strategies in most countries to boost the company efficiency in winning the competition is through the outsourcing. Practically, the outsourcing can be categorized as a method to boost the company efficiency by utilizing the external resources to replace the internal resources of a company to work on a specific task which is viewed as not that efficient. Therefore, the outsourcing terminology is strongly related to a company restructuration which is a method to improve the company’s structure thus it will be able to produce more effective and efficient performance, which in result the company will be able to achieve the competitive advantage in the work field that becomes its business core. Facing the competition that is continually growing, a company is demanded to have more concern on the work field that they are focusing on. On the other words, in order to survive in the competition, the company needs to be the specialist on its business core instead of being a generalist. This is a common procedure because of a company is impossible to be well-performed in all the different skills in the work field. That is why, in assigning the outsourcing the company needs to place these employees on the work placement that are not the main focus of the company itself. Regarding this suggestion, work placement for the outsourcing are the supporting functions for the company’s activities which are expected will be more efficient if being handled by the outsourcing corporation that is specialized on that field.

  • What are the advantages of using outsourcing?
    • The company can be more focused to work on their core business rather than spending their energy, time, and cost for technical things.
    • The company can save the budget for the employee training/development program.
    • By trusting the outsourcing employees to their corporation, then the company will not need to work on their recruitment, training, working on their administration and their payroll, and so forth every month.
    • The company will be more likely to have competent employees on their own fields.
    • The company will be eased to make budget projection and quality scale of work result, because they can modify the variable cost to be fixed cost.
    • The company will not be worried of wages, holiday allowances, firing or related ending labor relations, because these sort of matters are managed by the outsourcing corporation.
    • The outsourcing employees are likely to be more qualified than the internal company’s. The outsourcing corporation is continually boosting their assigned employees to fulfill the needs of the user company which is one of the outsourcing’s roles.
    • The company will not need to do a technology or knowledge transfer that needs cost and time spending.
    • It will be more flexible to do or not do an investment.
    • It will minimize the risk of high cost investment.
    • The company can share the work risks (where the risks on a specific work field are managed by the outsourcing corporation while the other fields are managed by the company itself).


  • How to select an outsourcing service?
    • Stay on a clear purpose When signing an agreement, it is important for both parties to understand the purpose that is going to be achieved. Indeed, we are looking for financial advantage, but also improvement on the other aspects, such as costumer service, quick response, and quality improvement. Measuring the strategy is also the key on how could you research on a process and make a report of it? Will this assignment be accomplished by outsourcing, or does it need some improvements? Prior to this, a good planning that initiates this process will minimize the conflicts on its implementation.
    • Stay on your role. Choosing outsourcing as an option might have a meaning that you are looking for transformation in your business, so you need to remember that your company is still responsible on that process. The partner (outsourcing corporation) may not be liable if there might be a change of ‘work culture’ or different process in your business. The partner here is to support, however you need to maintain the acquisition and actively nurturing a good relationship. The most important is, do not ever give the problem to the outsourcing employees. If any of performance might be executed poorly in the company, you need to understand its causes before choosing the outsourcing as an option. Delegating the problem to another company will surely not make it end.
    • Hinder the employees from worries Your full time employees may be wondering that you have begun to choose outsourcing corporation. They tend to worry for their own job security. This will surely lead to an anxiety that is continually spread out. Do not let their anxiety to collapse with your failure to control the communication access. You need to handle the rumor and news that make the clash, so a significant change can be well communicated and introduced to your employees. Keep in mind that your full time employees also have significant roles in the change for a success!
    • Selecting human resources. Even though outsourcing becomes a process that makes you to achieve beyond the limit of your company resources, this process needs to have a presence in your business. You may need to reflect on a few specific aspects of our outsourcing project partner team, who can be in any position from a manager to an IT resource. The partnership meaning that you are working with another party, then it is highly suggested to work both ways; so make sure that a relevant resource is available and that you can meet the partner’s needs.
    • Knowledge transfer. When the outsourcing process is on your partner, then it is significant to transfer all your knowledge. However, when the outsourcing process may take a longer time, it will be possible that all the knowledge and process might be forgotten in your own business. If the partner knows a lot of your process, it may cause a problem. Maintaining the knowledge of the process that supports your business makes it possible to do changes and developments, and will ease the transition if later you will retake the job.


By partnering with a right outsourcing corporation, then the company will be ready to face the competition that is rapidly growing. To win this competition, one of the ways in boosting the efficiency and work performance of your company is by using the service of outsourcing corporation.


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