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Management And Consultation Services

Our services include:

  • Making feasibility project

  • Making project and company budget

  • Making standard operational procedure (SOP)

  • Managing the organization structure, job descriptions and arranging Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of company Vision up to KPI towards each employee.

A few company owners sometimes think that the organization structure is not that necessary when setting up a new business, while the most important part is how the company can run its business and gain profitable income, thus it will be able to fund operational cost, such as employees’ wages. Yet in the nearly future usually there occurs problems when the company is gradually developing and having more employees thus supervision and control functions to the company is heavier to conduct, then right at that time the company will need an organization structure so the work system in the company be organized and efficient.

Following we have summarized the FAQs about organization & SOP:

  • What are the strengths or advantages of a company applying organization structure ?
    1. It helps to achieve the company’s target.
    2. It helps to make job description for the employees.
    3. It analyzes work load.
    4. It helps for calculating the employees’ remuneration.
    5. It helps for planning and allocating company’s resources.
    6. It eases in making future business plan that needs company’s assets and resources, especially in remuneration budgeting and employees’ competences needed to achieve a new target.
    7. It helps to analyze and evaluate company’s performance – thus by having an organization structure it will ease for evaluation to be conducted in terms of the performance of each employee on their job and position that is related to the job unit that is being evaluated.
    8. It gives clarity on the coordination line between functions and authority share and responsibilities.
    9. It minimizes internal conflict happens in the company.
    10. It boosts employee’s morality and work motivation.

  • Is it important to have Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) in business world?
    1. SOP or Standard Operational Procedure is step by step instruction system issued by the company to help the employee in finishing their job.
    2. This Standard Operational Procedure aims to produce a balance of quantity and quality of a work, efficiency in working, minimizing miscommunication for both internal and external parties, and to maintain the discipline towards industrial rules.

  • When to make SOP ?

The best time to make the SOP is before the company runs its business for a few following reasons:

First, the number of employee is still small so it won’t be too complex.

Second, processes in the company are not that complex yet thus it does not take a long time to make it. As the company develops, the SOP is usually be reviewed and renewed by adding unmentioned functions and revising the previous procedures based on the experience in the company.

  • What are the advantages of having SOP in a company ?
    1. It boosts the profit.
    2. The work system is efficient and
    3. can be duplicated if the company opens a new branch
    4. It improves company’s performance especially during new employee recruitment. They can begin to do their job well only by following the steps or job description explained to them.

  • What are the obstacles in making an SOP ?
    • Perhaps the company may find a few obstacles in making an SOP.
      1. The most important is there should be a company member who is specially assigned to monitor on the work flow in each department, especially in how they relate to one another. This is to find a system frame to be recorded.
      2. Then it is needed to conduct a research or interview with many employees and managers to write their job steps they usually do. For instance, for marketing department, the staff needs to do a morning briefing, writing visitation plan, making appointment, going for presentation, and in the afternoon will make a recap of the daily activities to be discussed at the next day.

  • What is the simple way to make an SOP ?
    1. Usually it will be easier to have an experienced consultant in making it rather than assigning a staff for it. Business and management consultant is likely to have mastered the steps to prepare. They can arrange the SOP while the employees are doing their jobs thus the company can still run as usual. The consultant will then invite the management and the other leaders on behalf to discuss and deciding the framework for the Standard Operational Procedure to be applied.
    2. Other than the job standard to be expected, it can also be document types, notes, invoice, and the other things used for company internal and external works. Every process within is also arranged, such as recruitment procedure and employee detention that can be assisted by a system like HRD application, standardized communication procedure through a specific media which can be applied (email, messages, chat platforms, etc.) by the company, costumer complains procedure, and so forth. The SOP also helps to detect the main cause of the problem if needed.

There are a lot of advantages by having SOP. For a company that does not have it yet, do it right away to keep the sustainability and growth of your company in the future.

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