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Due Diligence

We provide due diligence service, background check for your candidate partnership company on behalf of your business interest.

Conducting a detailed screening, auditing, and investigation on a company or employee is an essential thing. It is necessary to ensure that your business is being handled legally and professionally. Therefore, due diligence and background check are prior to conduct before an agreement of a contract or a new official signing acquisition. Through these processes, you will be able to examine the credibility of a company or a partnership that you want to manage or to acquire.


What is Due Diligence?

Due diligence is an investigation of the background, current condition, and potential business, to verify and comprehend all facts and risks related to the partnership with another party. Commonly, Due diligence is conducted after the buyer and the sales have agreed on their principle for an agreement, but before the signing of an obligating contract for both parties. For the investors, conducting a due diligence is an optional action (voluntarily), however it is highly recommended.

Your due diligence report and background check will be specially designed for you and your company’s interest; this report includes (but is not limited to) the following items:

  • Business Highlights
  • Risk Assessment
  • Reporting Results from Due Diligence and Background Check
  • Materials for evidence and the other materials that cannot be obtained by utilizing regular researches conducted by public.
  • The report also presents financial information, credit, and assets from the targeted company(s).

The benefits of conducting Due Diligence:

  • Foreign companies that want to initiate a partnership with local entities will perceive it as a perquisite step before deciding for a forward cooperation.
  • Equipping with the ability to have a better perspective on the potentials/indications of a company that is going to be acquired or a partnership, for the risks of corruption or bribery. This includes the history of the targeted company, past contracts and agreements, third party relatedness, and the other things.
  • Providing the other potentials and risks framework, such as the targeted company’s management structure including the past and current membership data.
  • Providing the data from all related parties that have had a partnership with the targeted company in its business history. This data will provide you a wider framework on the targeted company.
  • Providing the guidance of risk potentials or issues that had happened before or the assumptions that might occur in the future.
  • Providing the information from the business partner, costumers target, supplier, and so forth.

By having all the information in your hand, you can now decide whether the targeted company or your partner candidate is suitable to have the partnership with you in the future.

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