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Company Terminating Services

Company terminating service includes:

  • PT Closing
  • CV Closing
  • PMA Closing

Even though Indonesia is a safe place to invest and to establish a company, but there are a few companies that are unfortunate in gaining their profits and to have a good business in Indonesia. In a few cases, the termination of a company is the final decision in handling a difficult situation. Dissolution is another way to conclude that the business operation has been ended officially by the law.

FAQs about the termination of a company:

  • What are the causes of a company to shut down ?
    1. A valid resolution from RUPS (Rapat Umum Pemegang Saham – General Meeting) through consensus together with at least three-quarter of the shareholders with the same vote to support the dissolution
    2. Ending of the establishment period as mentioned in the Article of Association
    3. Revocation of business license especially for companies with special business fields
    4. Based on a verdict about the company bankrupt if the remaining company assets are not enough to pay the debt(s)
    5. When the work permit of PT PMA is revoked, then the company has been liquidated.

  • How is the process of closing a company ?

The company is obligated to do liquidation. Liquidation is a clearing process and a disposal of assets and obligations of the company which is done by the liquidator or the beneficiary, which is used to pay the debt(s) from a debtor to a creditor. The liquidator can be a director or a professional/an expert consultant (not in the internal body of the company) that is assigned by the court or RUPS.

  • What are the steps of liquidation process in closing a company ?
    1. Dissolution announcement by the liquidator in a newspaper and official gazette of the Republic of Indonesia. This announcement contains the information about the dissolution of the company, legal remarks, name and address of the liquidator, procedure to submit the bills, and a period to propose for the payment.
    2. Registering the suggested dissolution to the Ministry of Law and Human Rights
    3. The liquidator registers the company’s assets and obligations disposal to the creditor. In this step, the liquidator does not doing the obligation; this petition is opened for those on behalf.
    4. Reporting the final result of liquidation to GMS or the court to be legalized.
    5. The liquidation report is ratified to the Ministry of Law and Human Rights and to announce it in the newspaper
    6. Ministry of Law and Human Rights records the ending of the company legality and clean the company’s name
    7. In accordance to the BKPM Rule No. 3 year 2012, PMA is obligated to complete all their obligations to BKPM regarding licenses. Thus, PMA themselves or related party can apply to BKPM for the data disposal of the registered PMA, the head of license/work license permit.
    8. The company must be closed by the final result application from RUPS, record of establishment deed and its revisions, and termination record from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights (for an Ltd.), record of taxation identification number, the newest LKPM, and Attorney of the assigned liquidator.

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