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Accounting Services

Accounting Service and bookkeeping that we provide include:

  • Making Financial Statement from Journal Entry to:
    1. Balance Sheet,
    2. Income Statement,
    3. Statement of Changes in Capital,
    4. Cash Flow Report

  • General Bookkeeping,

  • Credit Processes,

  • Credit Recording from the costumers,

  • Issuance of Invoice,

  • Invoice Verification and Recording from supplier,

  • Monitoring individual debtor’s account,

  • Billing for sold items or services given for the clients,

  • Paying the supplier,

  • Processing employee’s wages payment and related statement to the regulator,

  • Recording depreciation and another adjustment journal,

  • Filling in document/transaction notes.


Statement options that we provide include:

  • Monthly Report
  • Quarterly Report
  • Annual Report

Our Bookkeeping Service includes financial transaction recording, storing, and re-presenting for companies and individuals.

Bookkeeping Process

  • Procedure to send the document for us. There are three ways to send the information for us. You may use:
    1. Dropbox,
    2. Google Docs, and
    3. email.
  • Timing for Accounting Service setup process.

It depends on your bookkeeping condition; it may start from two weeks. During this setup phase, we will also help to manage your ongoing accounting activities.

  • Procedure to access the financial statement.

We will be sending you the financial statement based on the period you have chosen (monthly, quarterly, or yearly).

  • Setup fee.

We only once charge the setup fee which is on the first time you have registered to be our costumer (when your bookkeeping may still be unorganized when you have started using our service). You may no need to hesitate, we can help you to manage it in just one-time fee.

  • Our service location.

We serve in all over Indonesia

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